the Zealous

30 Nov 20

From an article in the ABA Journal, August 1929 issue:

Of course the economic situation of the bar would be considerably improved if the number of lawyers could be reduced. There are too many lawyers today for the amount of legal business everywhere in America; and the normal result of excess of supply as compared to demand, has kept fees of lawyers low and elaborate living by lawyers rare.

31 Oct 20

M&A lawyers: we are not above criticism.

M&A has been characterized as a bloodsport. In a strategic transaction, the stakes are high for all concerned: careers, reputations, and business and financial fortunes and are on the line. In addition to the high stakes, the one-off relationship between a typical 

18 Oct 20

In Lawyers as Upholders of Human Dignity, Georgetown Law Professor and legal ethics guru David Luban explains how advancing and maintaining human dignity is a fundamental cornerstone of our profession. Indeed, it is  “what makes the practice of law worthwhile.” Defining dignity as a “property of relationships between humans," Prof. Luban articulates how the right to legal representation in criminal cases neatly encapsulates the notion of the law as a defender of human dignity.